Yoga Curriculum Guidelines - Design and Mapping


Yoga Curriculum Guidelines - Design and Mapping for Training Providers

Who We Are

We are an international non-governmental Awarding Body and Examining Board specialised in providing Yoga Curriculum Guidelines, Design and Mapping tools to help course organisers from all over the world  to plan and conduct Yoga Teacher Training Courses of the highest Standards.

Our curriculum guidelines has been developed by a team of internationally renowned  yoga experts, psychologists, physiotherapists, complementary medicine consultants and assessors from the US, Canada and the UK  who are fully dedicated to assist providers of Yoga Teacher Training  create high-quality learning solutions that get results.

Sometimes we are asked about how and why YTTCW® started. One thing that motivated us in the early stages was our love of Yoga and lack of adherence to Professional Standards for Teacher Training Programs in the unregulated yoga industry. Which brings us to our deeper motivation!  

Too often, we come across a huge mismatch between what people want and need from learning and what they actually get. There can be lots and lots of reasons for this. But the thing we see missing time and time again? Real knowledge or understanding to facilitate learning that leads to intended learning outcomes. These outcomes are articulated by organizations like us.

Our mission and  purpose is to help Yoga Training Providers  from all over the world, yoga styles, traditions and lineages design  quality training programs whether they  want to design 250 hour program  or an entire Diploma  curriculum.


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